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Natural Philosophy

Wunderkammer Biermanufaktur is a small-batch brewery located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. My brewing is inspired by the simplicity and subtlety of the natural world around me, as well as the agrarian roots of brewing traditions. My goal is creating elegant expressions of beauty that evoke time and place. I welcome you to join me in this pursuit.


What is a Wunderkammer?

The German word Wunderkammer roughly translates into 'cabinet of curiosities'. Wunderkammers emerged around Europe in the 16th century and were the forerunner of museums; peoples' private collections of objects from the natural world, art works and anthropological artifacts that they gathered from their travels and prepared for display and contemplation. Wunderkammers were museums of memory, experience and curiosity; personal microcosms of our world. It is this expression of curiosity and contemplation about the world around me that I try to cultivate with my brewing.

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